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company. >> reporter: throughout the city san francisco police were keeping a close eye on public drinking. officers made sure they confiscated any liquor in the open but they say they only had maybe a handful of arrests. i'm sure frank knows a little bit about this. san francisco is trying to be that first market to win both the world series and the super bowl since the boston red sox and the new england patriots did it back in 2004 and 2005. so this obviously is a big year r for us. reporting live in san francisco, cate cauguiran cbs 5. >>> frank knows it kate. thanks so much. >> i'm feeling it. >>> the future home of the 49ers, silicon valley. >> stay tuned. >> fans jammed the sports bars, cheering for two teams, the 49ers and the san jose sharks who won their season opener in calgary. 9ers fans are extra excited since the team will be moving to santa clara very soon. >> it's kind of weird, you know, you're cheering for the 9ers because you want them to get the super bowl and they've achieved that. the sharks are starting off their season
bowl. so is san francisco and cbs 5's elissa harrington is in san francisco with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. hope you're having fun in new orleans. here in san francisco buildings all over the city are lit up in red and gold but the city also expected to take in some green this super bowl. even though the host city makes the big bucks an estimated $435 million, san francisco should get a boost. the people who live and work here could see an additional $120 a year in personal income. there are a few reasons for that. according to economists, winning brings confidence and pumped up fans are big spenders. also the city has been put on a national stage. we are getting a lot of exposure right now and a lot of press. that also brings confidence. and finally, food and merchandise. across the country fans are expected to spend $11 billion on super bowl-related purchases including about 8 million pounds of tortilla chips, one and a quarter billion chicken wings if you can believe that, 51 million cases of beer and co
will hopefully lead them to the perpetrators in this case. live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> thank you. family and friends are looking for a petaluma woman this morning after she went missing at a south lake tahoe dance event. deputies are searching for this woman, 19-year-old elissa burn. they said she was last seen at the rising casino at south shore on new year's eve. she was attending the snow globe music festival there. according to the police, her cell phone was last used just before midnight. >>> prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty or life without parole in a south bay murder case. one suspect had bail set yesterday. ravi kumra was killed in november. three men and a woman are under arrest in the case. authorities are withholding details on the case. the three men are expected back in court again tomorrow. >>> and the city of oakland plans to issue special id cards for people without legal immigration status. yesterday, mayor jean quan showed off an example of the card, which is also designed to function as a debit card. the city expects to issue 6,000 of
in the castro, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> and new orleans and san francisco i think you've noticed a lot of similarities. there's a lot of differences there, too. but i guess the new orleanians owe a big thank you to the folks in san francisco. >> reporter: this is a really interesting story. i learned a lot about the history of san francisco doing this story. they are still thanking them decades later because some san franciscans came here to new orleans many years ago and helped them save the view. >> reporter: when people around the world think of the vieux carre they think of scenes like this but it almost looks like this. >> we're not talking about a highway. we're talking about an act of barbarism. >> reporter: it would stand 40 feet tall and six lanes wide 3.5 miles of it running between the mississippi river and the city's iconic st. louis cathedral. [ church bells ] >> jackson square, the highway. gone. no access to the river. it's over. >> reporter: and the damage wouldn't end there. >> all you see in front of us, all these trees, all the
along the waterfront right here in san francisco. beautiful view, big crowds jamming the embarcadero. when it was over the cars jammed all the streets in the area. everyone had to go home. although many are still here. new year's celebration was not 100% peaceful though. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran here in san francisco where at least three revelers were wounded in shootings during the festivities. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, frank. yeah. san francisco police are starting the new year looking for two suspects in two different shootings that injured three people. now, that first shooting happened at 10:40 last night. a victim was taken to the hospital after being shot in the hand. the suspect was described as an adult male. the shooting happened near fish finish at jefferson and mason. less than an hour later a 12- year-old boy and a man were shot near pier 23. the boy was hit in the foot and the man grazed in the hip. police say both suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. so far no arrests have been made. >> it's pretty cold. >> pretty cold is good here. it was aw
rosa, 49 fairly mild though into san francisco and 36 in san jose. so temperatures all over the map now but we'll settle into a nice afternoon with this huge dome of high pressure overhead bringing with it plenty of hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours. and the temperatures running above the average for this time of year. in fact, these numbers looking good into the afternoon. usually we're in the 50s and the low 60s. today as much as six degrees above average. 61 concord. 65 san jose. 62 degrees in san francisco. and that is no lie, elizabeth. >> i believe you. >> thank you. >> i believe you. we can see it outside. it's nice and dry so far so our traffic cameras are telling the truth. everything is quiet now, as well. if you are traveling northbound or southbound on the themes close to the airport and oakland coliseum, so if you have a flight to catch no delay on southbound 880. not sure you may still find overnight roadwork still in lanes between 66 and 980. this is a live look at the getting golden gate. nothing much out there right now i
valuables. it's another in a series of crimes targeting the chinese community in san francisco. police say the victim in the video lost nearly $50. the crooks convinced the victims that they are cursed and can only get it lifted if they pay up. >>> autopsies are planned today for a mother and daughter found dead in the sierra foothills. dive teams found the body of 46- year-old karen anderson and her 5-year-old daughter in a frozen- over pond near their home in amedure county yesterday. authorities had been at the home several times this week after neighbors reported the residents had not been seen. ' family friend says the 5-year- old victim was an outgoing child. >> she just went out and she would grab another kid and just show him the ropes and have fun with them and she would just -- very happy kid. >> divers searched the pond where the bodies were found after a neighbor reported seeing a hole in the ice in amador county. >>> we have confounded the critics and now california is back from the brink. those words from governor jerry brown during an enth
to report right now as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco. they did do the lane changes just a little while ago and you can see, traffic is free- flowing as you work your way in both directions through there. caltrans just wrapped up some construction as you work your way westbound 80 between central and powell. all lanes open traffic clear towards the bay bridge toll plaza. still a couple of hot spots in the south bay. we have southbound 280 connector to northbound 85. that will be closed until 6:00. also eastbound 237 that's closed at least to southbound 880 -- that will be there until 6:00. let's go back to michelle griego in new orleans. >> it's note all about football and partying in new orleans. nope. a couple of santa clara police officers are actually making their way into town to learn a little something from the department here. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in our newsroom with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: actually, michelle, i have moved over to santa clara. it's going to be the new home to the 4
degrees now in santa rosa. 45 degrees in san francisco. high pressure in control. it's going to hold on now and looks like it's going to stick around for a while so we are going to see cold nights and dry air over the next few days and then the temperatures by the afternoon not too bad with mostly sunny skies no threat of rain probably until the weekend. the temperatures going to look like this. plan on those numbers mainly into the 50s, about 57 in the afternoon in san jose, 57 santa clara, east bay temperatures probably low 50s by the afternoon. inside the bay 53 degrees in san francisco, 55 oakland, 52 sausalito. check out your temperatures online at let's check the roads with gianna. >>> thank you, lawrence. we have been monitoring this water main break in hayward which seems to be a problem as chp has now issued a sig alert in the area. so the water main break is located at jackson street and santa clara street right at that intersection just east of 880 and the 92 interchange. chp has shut down one lane of the eastbound 92 off-ramp at jackson because of flooding in t
violated. >>> a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco is now under arrest this morning. we are told 22-year-old dexter oliver will be charged with attempted murder and arson for sunday's attack in the bayview at a laundromat. police arrested him at an oakland hotel. the victim 25-year-old star lamar still hospitalized with life-threatening burns. >>> a basically accused of hitting -- bicyclist accused of hitting and killing someone is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter for last april's accident. today's court appearance is set for a preliminary hearing. >>> the man charged with killing two people in san francisco on new year's day goes to court this morning. 19-year-old david morales is facing two counts of murder and a number o other charges arrested after a shooting and crash that left two people dead on south van ness avenue. his bail is $10 million. >>> dna technology has promised and arrest in a -- prompted an arrest in a 1985 mountain view murder. the body of 21-year-old saba germai was found on north shore >>> don't get too rowdy during the super bowl, san francisco police will be out watching for big parties and crowds that are spilling onto the streets, after sunday's game against atlanta, a dozen people were arrested in the mission district, one for assault with a deadly weapon, others for dui and public intoxication. there were no reports of vandalism like what happened after the giants won the world series, so behave out there. >>> the search is on for two more suspects in the shooting of an undercover police officer in oakland last night. investigators say the undercover detective was hit in the arm, just before 6:30 last night as he sat in a car near seminary and bromley avenues. one suspect was arrested, the officer is expected to recover. >>> a heated debate is expected at the meeting of the oakland city council, the big issue, whether to pay a quarter million dollars to hire an anticrime consultant, william bratton, who let police departments in new york, boston and los angeles. he has strong supporters and critics. baton has a history --
s and 40s in many spots. 33 degrees in santa rosa. 34 san jose, 38 san francisco. we have seen a little wind to keep the temperatures up but some of the other spots are showing up with temperatures not 20s. this afternoon, cool in the bay area. highs only in the 40s and 50s. how long will this cold weather last? we'll talk more about that in a moment. let's check on elissa harrington in plenty of cold in walnut creek! elissa. >> reporter: it's chilly. i'm wearing layers and people in the bay area are definitely going to want to bundle up this morning. we're outside a bank near walnut creek. when we got here it was 28 degrees now it says 31 degrees so getting a little bit warmer but a freeze warning is in effect until 9 a.m. now, 31 degrees not the coldest it's been here in walnut creek. in fact, we hit a weekend low of 23 degrees. the park was covered in frost and crowds were scarce at the walnut creek farmer's market. people who live here are not used to this weather. san jose was 26 degrees on sunday and 22 in santa rosa. the bay area's
with some fog. 37 in livermore. 48 degrees in san francisco. and 44 in san jose. this afternoon, well, we're going to try and watch these temperatures cool off again. yesterday we had some 50s and 60s. by the afternoon, these temperatures really going to start to dive. this is the beginning. much cooler air. we are going to see these numbers down a good 3 to 8 degrees by this afternoon and then tomorrow, there is a chance we could see some snow down to about 1500 feet in some of the north bay valleys and temperatures struggling to get out of the 40s. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> we are going out to south san jose where we have been following an overturn accident. we are not sure about the extent of the injuries. it's an overturn accident. the car is in a ditch on the right-hand shoulder southbound 101 approaching blossom hill road. at this point, our sensors are not picking up any major delays. actually in both directions. overnight we only had one northbound lane open across the golden gate bridge. it looks
outside as high as 63 degrees in san jose, 57 in san francisco. about 62 degrees in santa rosa. some nice weather right in the middle of winter. all right. let's check the roads now with elizabeth. >> love it. we'll enjoy this woke, then. thank you. >>> all right. outside right now, it is looking good. in an area where they are doing roadwork, the accident is now clear. the roadwork is still out there though especially in the eastbound lanes of 4 approaching loveridge. one lane blocked until 6:00 this morning. here's a live look outside near the 880/237 interchange. gosh, yesterday it just was really a mess on that westbound 237 ride for a while because of a series of different accidents. so right now everything is off to a great start. no delay between milpitas all the way towards sunnyvale and 101. and a quick live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see a few headlights there making their way into san francisco moving at the limit. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> okay, liz, thanks. 5:07 now. >>> new this morning, the international
. >>> san francisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire has pleaded not guilty. 22-year-old dexter oliver faces 11 felony charges including attempted murder, torture and mayhem. according to the prosecutors, oliver got in a fight with his girlfriend over which laundromat to use. >>> in solano counted the trucker killed necessary fiery crash in vallejo is identified as william ballard of roseville. the chp says his ace hardware truck hit a pickup and flew off an overpass above highway 37 yesterday morning. witnesses pulled ballard out of the truck. but he later died. the other driver was not seriously hurt. >>> that bar pilot in charge of that oil tanker that bumped one of the bay bridge towers this week was sober at the time. an attorney for captain guy kleess says all drug and alcohol tests have come back negative. kleess is an experienced navigator who has had a few minor scrapes over the years. the cause of monday's bump still under investigation. >>> 5:09. let's check the traffic. >> giann? >> we have construction in the south b
in san francisco. a little bit of a sea breeze in toward the afternoon. but the weather looks like it's going to get nicer over the next few days. high pressure building in and it's a very strong ridge so likely going to see some mid- 60s some places maybe even warmer than that through friday and saturday staying nice and dry right through the weekend. in fact, no rain for the next five to zen days but elizabeth, that may all change next week. >> no. >> yes! i think by the end of next week we start to talk about rain again. >> i remember last year too just a little break of spring in the middle of january and then february comes. >> then row at hits. >> yeah. okay. thank you, lawrence. >>> let's go out live right now. no major hot spots. a lot of overnight roadwork in lanes but a lot is wrapped up now that we're past 5:00 according to caltrans. that's the a live look at the san mateo bridge. let's go live towards 280 traffic coming into san francisco near mariposa. not too bad. you can see the skyline there in the distance. everything is moving
it walking quite a bit in new orleans. very similar actually to san francisco,a pedestrian city. one thing here is they know how to throw a good party and they're throwing not one but two. >>> reporter: mardi gras is well under way in new orleans, two weeks of nonstop parades, booze and beads. but this year, the festivities serve as bookends for the super bowl. >> we control crowds better than anybody in the world hands down no question about it. and this year, we want to do something even more. >> reporter: that's because 150,000 people are expected for the big game alone and even more for the last week of mardi gras. >> our police department has more experience than any other police department in the nation in managing large crowds because we do mardi gras every year. it's the equivalent of a super bowl every year. >> reporter: they are working around the clock including the dozens of mounted officers lining the streets in the french quarter. here safety is priority. there's one trick to keeping the peace in new orleans. >> our officers learn f
building on oakland street near octavia boulevard in san francisco. the fire was record around 2:45 this morning. trees near the three-story apartment building caught fire. the frames spread on the outside wall of the structure. it was out in an hour. no injuries. >>> police are investigating an armed robbery that took place in downtown palo alto last night. it happened at the 300 block of ramona street shortly before 9:00. at this time, police are not releasing details about the suspect, victim, what was stolen or the type of weapon that was used and they are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them immediately. >>> in other headlines around the bay area on this wednesday, bart police have identified the man shot and killed at the bay fair station in san leandro on saturday. 50-year-old kenneth seats of fremont died from his injuries. a second person was shot. that person is expected to survive. one arrest is made in the shooting. more suspects are sought. >>> finding the suspects in a violent takeover home invasion
victories of a giants world series win and 49ers super bowl trip has san francisco mayor ed lee enjoying the best of times but not gavin newsom who after years of work will be remembered as the mayor who lost the 49ers stadium to santa clara. >> it's bittersweet because you want the energy and pride and spirit that comes from their victory. i'm disappointed as a fifth generation san franciscan that they are going to santa clara. >> mayor lee says he is heartened by the fact that the 49ers will keep the san francisco name even after they move down to the south. he also says that on the day of the super bowl, he will make sure the city stays safe during celebration. if they win that's going to be lots of celebration. >> all over northern california not just san francisco. >>> traffic-wise it is a thursday. how are we looking? >> looking okay. not seeing too many problems. one incident should be cleared quickly and in the meantime i want to show you the san mateo bridge. problem free. everything looking good especially westbound 92, still 15 minutes.
francisco. and similar story across the san mateo bridge. the right side of your screen right here is the commute direction and it should be 14 minutes out of hayward towards th peninsula. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." will we ever get out of the cold? >> did you have your heater on full tilt this morning? >> i have it on in 75 degrees. it doesn't take much. [ laughter ] >> the cold arctic air is plunging from the continent back toward the coastline and it's not as dry this morning. a little more moisture in the atmosphere but less wind so it's colder outside. mostly clear skies. a few passing high clouds. the temperature right now it is 29 degrees in livermore, 28 in santa rosa. just above freezing at 33 in san jose. colder than yesterday. freeze warnings in the interior valleys. frost advisories inside the bay. these temperatures possibly down in the mid-20s in some of the coldest spots so very chilly beginning to the day. and then by the afternoon we'll see it moderate. we'll see more sunshine today and slightly warmer temper
baseball's steroid era are rejected in the hall of fame voting for the first time. former san francisco giants slugger barry bonds didn't even come close to being voted in on the first ballot. only 36% of the baseball writers in america who voted said that bonds belongs in the hall. that is far short of the 75% required. roger clemens got 37%. sammy sosa got 12%. >> everyone is weighing in on this on facebook and twitter. i have been following it. >> it was all the buzz yesterday. >> oh, i know. everyone has an opinion about it. >> i think eventually they will get in. but first of all, a lot of first -- it takes a while to get in. a lot of guys don't get in on the first round. i think they will be punished for at least 10 years. >>> 5:15. let's check the roads. >> let's do that, gianna. take it away. >> thank you very much. yeah, if you are headed towards the bay bridge this morning, a wind advisory is in effect. no accidents or stalled vehicles. but it is a bit gusty so use caution. chp didn't indicate when they will cancel that. heads up. ev
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21